need more holiday!!


heyho blog :D miss you so much. long time not posting. i'm verry busy on this week. why? wanna know why I'm busy? coz holiday guys.. yups.. my seniors exams.. hehe.. so.. I wanna tell about my story, story of my holiday :)

my daddy picked me at my house, we went to takengon, aceh tengah. I went there with my daddy, lilbro, and my auntie :) did you know? I'm was driving a car :D okey, I'm happy coz I can drive a car but actually I'm tired of that all. we went at 09.00 and we arrived meulaboh at 12.30. we lunch my daddy's house in meulaboh. after that we went to banda aceh :D hey! it's second time I went to banda aceh.. at banda aceh we have to stay at the hotel prapat. next morning we went to takengooon :D yeay \(´▽`)/ I really happy! why? coz I met my mommy.. yeah my mommy :) long time not see her. we just talking on the phone. sadly :( my mommy and my daddy very busy at their work. but I know.. they'r work for me and for my family. I love my family :) at takengon we travelled around the city. after along time I'm bored in takengon! finaly we went home on friday morning with my mommy, daddy, lilbro, and my auntie. this trip took two days on the road. very very tired! -__- and I need more holiday!!!

okeeeh ceritanya acak acakan yaa -__-v sorry kalo ada englishnya rada ancur *emg ancur semua* entar bljr lagi deh hahaha

by anie

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